Bolshaya Konyushennaya St.

St.Petersburg, Russia

Environmental friendliness and equal accessibility, all-season usage possibility and cultural saturation are essential to the park zones for sustaining the interest of the visitors. The interest of the modern citizen in interaction with nature is not limited by walking and sightseeing. Integration of the exposition elements into the structure of the street landscape allows to fill the traffic with an additional aesthetic sense. The natural elements as a part of the ecological renovation of the environment Design solutions for bicycle storage Tubbed plants for the visual environmental division an additional aesthetic filling of the pedestrian space. Instead of the landscaping strategies that were common in the last century we suggest to take a new look at the creation of the green territories and not to talk about parks in the city but about the city in the parks. In recent years the questions of the quality of the city environment is among the most important ones. This factor has become the competitive point for a lot of major cities in terms of raising living standards. The environment has become a priority and design of the environments for living has received a major role.