St.Petersburg, Russia

The reconstruction project of a residential building with adaptation to the hotel for 52 rooms. Land plot (403 sq. m.) is located at the address: Saint-Petersburg, 11A Goncharnaya street, lit B. The reconstructed object is a three-storey square-plan building with a basement and an attic. The total height of the building from ground level - 15 meters. The reconstruction project provides for the preservation of the existing appearance of the facades with its complement stucco and new roof. On existing floors of the building are projected: ground floor – unit staff, sauna with ancillary facilities, engineering and technical spaces, kitchen unit and room catering, warehouses; on the first floor – lobby with reception area and staff room, office, hotel room; on the second floor – Elevator lobby, hotel rooms; on the third floor Elevator, hotel rooms. On the newly constructed attic: Elevator, hotel rooms. Building area – 396 sq. m. Land plot area – 403 sq. m. Total area – 1431,45 sq. m. Floors – 3 +attic.