International tennis club

St.Petersburg, Russia

The project involves the reconstruction of a sports complex with a superstructure floor. The object is located in the Vasilievsky district of St. Petersburg. Adjustable building has a triangular shape in plan view.
There is a leisure center in the reconstructed building (three-storey building with a ground floor).
The building design including all the three floors. On the ground floor: a wardrobe, locker rooms with showers, a solarium, a martial arts hall, laundry, water treatment facilities and engineering; on the first floor - entrance hall with a bar, restaurant, rooms with swimming pools, sauna, hamam, sports changing rooms, gym, cold stores and unloading; on the second floor - baby changing rooms with showers, children's room simulators, sports and fitness facilities; on the second floor - a gym, massage rooms, locker rooms, a conference hall, PBX, switchboard, hairdressing room and office. The project will provide access to a sports complex for people with limited mobility. A platform for mini-golf will be on a superstructure. For this purpose the project envisages the construction of walling in the whole volume of the second floor, as well as the third-floor unit. In the  design of the overbuild  there are male and female locker rooms on the second floor, club lounge area with a bar and sale of premises and equipment rental, sports equipment storage room; on the third floor - a universal hall for mini-golf with a bar area. Each bar area provides a common bathroom for two cabins, one of which is accessible to people with reduced mobility.