Milionnaya Street

St.Petersburg, Russia

The renovation includes the creation of recreational areas, optimization, traffic and complete landscaping.
Considering the existing necessities of the citizens the functions of Millionnaya street should be reconsidered.
The Goal: connect Dvortsovaya embankment to the “heart” of the block, and further with Nevsky prospect, Palace Square and the Russian Museum. 
1. The existing and planned passages should be open from Dvortsovaya embankment to Millionnaya street through the building of “Science House”at Dvortsovaya embankment 26. 
2. Opening a passage to Millionnaya street through Novomikhailovsky Palace at Dvortsovaya embankment 19, Millionnaya street 18
3. Opening a passage to Millionnaya street and Mars Field through the garden of the Marble Palace  at Dvortsovaya embankment 6, Millionnaya street 5
4. Opening a passage to the Moyka embankment through the arch of the 5 Moyka embankment and the courtyards of the university building at Millionnaya street 6
5. Organizing a passage between houses 1 and 3 Moyka river to the Aptekarsky lane