Ice Rink

Grozny, Russia

The building is designed for competitions, ice hockey training, as a multi-purpose sports, concert and entertainment complex.

The planned sports and activities:

• Ice hockey;
• Sledge hockey;
• Mass skating;
• Hand-held sports games (basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball)
• Concerts, presentations and other events.

These are the  following key functional areas and groups of ancillary facilities:

• Sport zones: hockey arena zone
• Auxiliary facilities:
•Supporting facilities for spectators;
• Administrative premises;
• Technical premises;
• health care facilities;
• catering area
• Area for media
• VIP and VVIP  areas

The ice arena is designed on the principle of barrier-free environment and accessibility for visitors and athletes with limited mobility.

Technical-and-economic indexes

Footprint of building -7 550 m2
Number of seats - 3 000.
Retail area – 550 m2
Area of a restaurant with a view – 1 250 m2