Urban Quarter

St.Petersburg, Russia

The ideas of Academician  D.S. Likhachev in such concepts as "Ecology of Culture" inspired us to develop this project. We also relied on the 10 principles of "smart urbanism", which have been formulated within the framework of the International Congress of Modern Architecture at Harvard. This approach implies the preservation of traditions, continuity and organic development of urban space. Promotion of cultural identity and environmental potential of St. Petersburg  is an urgent issue and very important for the city to be contemporary, from living conditions to environmental balance, and from infrastructure to public space.

area - 33 920 m2
building area - 29,500 m2
total area - 143,850 m2
1-st floor area - 25 200 m2
area of commercial shopping center space - 10,900 m2
technical area / office space - 3600 m2
Floor area (2-6-8 floor) - 63,400 m2