Sports Centre

Bryansk, Russia

This innovative module consists of the following function units:

• Administration and accommodation unit with fitness studio It includes all the necessary administrative, change and technical rooms, among them: café, dressing rooms, fitness area, group workouts hall, SPA area, which includes russian bath and hamam

• Group workout area
Which includes workout area, general playing court for basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton. The court can be equipped by transformable tribunes.

• Ice rink unit
Which includes the rink for public skating and training of children for hockey and figure skating.

• Swimming pool unit
Which includes a 25 m swimming pool with 6 lanes and a training 16х8 m pool. The swimming pool. A 5х16 m tub for competitive swimming with 6 lanes or 9 lanes for therapeutic swimming.

• Training swimming pool. A training tub for swimming, calisthenics and water games the size of the basin is 16,6х8 m.

Water disinfection – without chlorine. In the process of design of the foreside of the sport centers all the geographic, cultural and social peculiarities were taken intoconsideration.